Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

Tips On How To Install Widget Google Pagerank In Blog

Google gives a rank to each web address or blog using the name Google Page Rank. The higher the number the Page Rank of a website or blog, the higher the ranking of a web address / blog. If you want to increase the Page Rank website / blog, then you must be patient and diligent in posting updates and articles that can attract visitors to your blog. The more traffic the number of visitors who come to our blog, the more increase also Page Rank website or blog.
To install the widget Google Page Rank, follow these steps:

1. Visit http://www.prchecker.info/
2. Type in your blog address in the box provided, then click the Get it!

3. Type CAPTCHA code, then click Generate Now.
4. Choose a Page Rank widget you want.

5. Copy the HTML code on the selected key box.
6. To install the Page Rank on the blog go to your blogger account, then navigate to the menu Design > Page Elements> Add gadgets> Select the HTML / JavaScript. type the (+) sign beside it.

7. Paste the JavaScript code before the HTML box, and give the title of 'Google Page Rank' or give the title up to you.
8. Click save.
and see the results ....

*** Good luck ***

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